Buddy went Trick or Treating on Halloween with Chloe, daughter of Assistant Director of Nursing Laurynne Kauffman, RN.  We hear that Buddy didn’t care about tricks – he cared only about the treats!

Buddy had a fine time at his Third Birthday party in the Jewish Home.  Many members of his Residents’ Fan Club attended, along with staff, visitors and other friends.  The Jewish Home Chef made Buddy special doggie bones from healthy, fresh veggies (and what a hit they were!).  Buddy made individual visits to residents, he played with new toys and especially enjoyed his birthday treats.


Buddy three years ago – on the first day he came to the Campus!


CEO Allen dresses Buddy for his grand entrance.


All dressed up and ready to celebrate!



If you have not met Buddy, both you and he have missed a treat.


Please do not offer treats to Buddy.  He has been “treated” so well that he is now on a strict diet;  he must lose 20 pounds.  He’s already lost two pounds because his treats are limited to broccoli, cauliflower and carrots – all of which he likes.  He eats green beans with his kibble, so he thinks his tummy is full.  It’s fine If you feed him a carrot or a floret of cauliflower, but  PLEASE:  NOTHING ELSE!

Buddy is our Campus K-9 — a live-in Physical Therapy assistant, a sometime-administrative assistant, and all-the-time dispenser of good cheer.

Because Pet Therapy and pet visits are among the most popular activities at the Jewish Home, Campus CEO Allen Geckle concluded that the presence of a full-time dog who lived and worked on Campus would benefit residents in extraordinary ways.

At just nine weeks, a cream-colored Labrador Retriever puppy arrived on Campus with a crate, bedding, toys and food. By the end of his first day of “work,” he had a name. By the end of his first week, he had become a fixture in the Therapies Department. For his first few months, staff members took him home for sleepovers and weekends until he was old enough to sleep by himself in the Conference Room.  Even now, although Buddy is housebroken and can make it through the night, staff members collect him, take him out for his nighttime constitutional and return him, with a snack.

Recently, Buddy went camping with two staff members, their families, and four dogs. We understand that everyone had a grand time, and everyone survived.

There is no shortage of staff members happy to walk Buddy, feed Buddy and play with Buddy, although staff must compete with residents and visitors for play times.  Buddy spends much of his non-working time in the RNAC office, but he is on his feet in a flash if someone comes to walk or play with him. He even has play dates with visiting dogs; they romp and chase in a contained grassy area and when they tire, there are bushes for a rest in the shade and cool water delivered by Dietary staff.

Buddy’s gentle, friendly and tolerant temperament fits perfectly with everyone with whom he interacts. He is extremely social and he loves attention. He has a list of “regulars,” residents he visits almost daily. These residents, in fact, usually keep treats in their rooms for when the big, handsome boy comes by.

Next time you visit the Campus, Buddy will probably be on hand to greet you.

When this happens, both you and he will make a new friend.

The Campus has established the Buddy Fund to provide for Buddy’s food, veterinary care, monthly Heartworm preventive medicine and flea/tick preventives. This Fund will not provide treats and toys for Buddy; he has many admirers who take care of those!