Veteran’s Day Celebration

In conjunction with Hospice of Central Pennsylvania, The Campus held a wonderful program to honor the Veterans we serve (and all veterans in general).  We could not be more grateful to all who have served, are serving and will serve and this was our chance to say “thank you”.

We were honored to have special speakers from Hospice of Central Pennsylvania as well as the Dauphin Count Commissioners join us as we showed the respect and honor they deserve.  The Community Review had produced a wonderful article as well, regarding the veterans and the program.

Employees of the Year

Each year, Campus CEO Allen Geckle announcers the recipients of the Esther Jacobs Atlas Awards for Employees of the Year.  There’s an award for the Nursing Employee of the Year and an award for non-Nursing/Support Services Employee of the Year.  Besides a cash award, our Employees of the Year choose a designated parking spot, which they keep for the entire year. Notably, Employees of the Year are chosen by residents, families and other staff members.

This year, Allen presented the Nursing Employee of the Year award to CNA Julie Hurley and non-Nursing Employe of the Year award to Speech Therapist Rehka McHugh.

Allen presents Julie with her award.

Rehka receives her award from Allen.

Congratulations to both our 2018 winners!

Volunteer of the Year

Our Volunteer of the Year is Betsy Squires.  Betsy prefers to be an unsung hero, but she has enormous value to “her” residents who live in the Guild Special Care Unit.

Betsy began her work in the Guild Unit when her mom was a resident there.  After her mom passed away, Betsy returned to volunteer as a Bingo assistant – that job turned into regular Friday “employment.”  Every Friday became several times a week, even on weekends, when Betsy transports Guild Unit residents to activities in the auditorium and then back to the Unit.  Then there is Betsy’s “Story Circle,” a group she put together and which she manages start to finish.

Betsy’s volunteering does not end when she leaves the Campus.  She and a group of friend sew sensory mats, which they donate to the Home. The women make the sensory mats from a variety of scrap fabric – the sewers even use the mesh that store-bought tangerines come in.  The mats are used in rehab and restorative programs and benefit many cognitively impaired residents – not just those in the Guild Unit – by increasing tactile awareness, by aiding hand dexterity abilities  and through extra sensory stimulation.

Thank you, Betsy, for all you do for our residents, and congratulations on having been chosen our Volunteer of the Year!


Sami’s Smile Station

Sami’s Smile Station allows our residents’ visitors and loved ones to take pictures, capture good times and print the images right then and there as forever keepsakes. Whether our visitors or guests take the photo prints with them or leave the smiles with our residents, the prints make memories.

With your support of Sami’s Smile Station, we can purchase the needed ink and paper to keep these memories alive. Please consider a small donation to keep this ability possible. To give to Sami’s Smile Station please donate below.

The Campus of the Jewish Home is asking you to help us by donating whatever you can to help the Campus provide nursing services and rehabilitation for the elderly population of our community.

The Campus is a not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community that relies on payment from Medicare and Medicaid to continue to offer the care we do. Every donation, every endowment is used to continue to provide the care and update the Campus when possible. So we ask that you consider helping to allow our community to have a place to care for our loved ones!