Coronavirus Update

The Jewish Home Update, from Campus Administrator, Kristina Carlevale (April 23, 2022)

The Residence Update, from Administrator, Courtney Bolinsky (February 20, 2022)

Since the pandemic hit, The Campus has posted updates and sent letters to family members to keep them posted of everything The Campus has done to battle the spread of Covid – 19. Please find the past letters and updates in response from The Campus and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions. We appreciate the support and continued patience as we WILL get through this together!

As the vaccines become available, so will the questions. We have them too. To try and help we are providing a FAQ form from the CDC as well as a FACT SHEET about the Moderna vaccination. Of course we encourage you to contact us with questions but we hope these help start the path to understanding.

Resident Spotlight – Lillian Batz

One of the perks of being able to work in a Nursing Home is the ability to know your residents and family members.  Not just know their names, but really get to know the person, the lives they led, the stories behind the person they were.  Having the pleasure to spend time with Lillian, we have come to realize just how big her heart is, and how she used her talents to spread love and joy to everyone she came in contact with.  Traits her family have continued, proof her legacy will last much longer than any of us could have imagined.

Spending a lot of time on a farm, Lillian quickly realized how much she enjoyed nature and all that it had to offer.  Whether it being the ability to feed her family off the land to the natural beauty it had to offer.  Especially when that beauty stemmed from the flowers she would plant.  Her favorite being Zinnias.

Year after year, Lillian would plant Zinnias, growing a patch bigger and bigger as the years passed.  People from all around would make an effort to drive by just to see her garden and the splendor she would grow.  She often would use the flowers to create wonderful bouquets of love to give to friends and family.  It was her way of spreading love and friendship as well as sharing her passion for the beauty of nature.

Lillian’s daughters grew up watching their mother’s joy in those gardens, with those flowers.  They knew what those flowers and the joy they brought meant to her and wanted to pass along that beauty.  They were kind enough to create packets of Zinnia seeds for staff; a special way to say “thank you” for the care they were providing their mother.  Staff happily planted those seeds and created their own garden; their own Zinnia patches and the love continues to grow.

It is our pleasure and honor to care for amazing people who raised amazing families.  Lil and her family are the classic case of what it is like to know how to treat people, how to spread simple joy and make the world a better place.  We are lucky to have gotten to know Lil and her family…and watch the love blossom like the Zinnias she grew!

Thank You, Community

During the pandemic, The Campus has received so much love and support from the Community. Whether it be notes of hope and love, drive by parades, window visits or gifts for the residents and staff, it has been a much appreciated relief. We simply could not have done it without our Community…and we thank you. (Please click on the picture to view a “thank you” video for the Community.)

Salon Services

The Campus now partners with PS Salon for our Salon care services! PS Salon is the leading national Senior community Salon and Spa provider. Great care and consideration was taken when looking for a new Salon Service company and we could not be more exited to have them join us. Melissa will be the new stylist, stop in and say hello!

Employee(s) of the Year

Each year, Campus CEO Allen Geckle announcers the recipients of the Esther Jacobs Atlas Awards for Employees of the Year.  There’s an award for the Nursing Employee of the Year and an award for non-Nursing/Support Services Employee of the Year.  Besides a cash award, our Employees of the Year choose a designated parking spot, which they keep for the entire year. Notably, Employees of the Year are chosen by residents, families and other staff members.

This year, Allen presented the Nursing Employee of the Year award to Aaron Johnson.  Currently an aide who started with The Campus family in the dietary department.  Aaron made such an impression in that role, he was encouraged to become part of the nursing team and was one of the best decisions ever made.  Aaron has a knack for making every one of his residents feel like they are the only resident he is caring for that day.

The non-Nursing Employee of the Year award was presented to JoAnn Arkin.  JoAnn is listed as the receptionist in The Residence building but we all know she is so much more.  She is the glue that keeps the building together; the reason so many residents are made so happy.  JoAnn knows her residents like they are family and treats them that way as well.  And it shows when she goes the extra mile for all of them, just so that they can be happy. Congratulations to both!


Sami’s Smile Station

Sami’s Smile Station allows our residents’ visitors and loved ones to take pictures, capture good times and print the images right then and there as This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sami.jpgforever keepsakes. Whether our visitors or guests take the photo prints with them or leave the smiles with our residents, the prints make memories.

With your support of Sami’s Smile Station, we can purchase the needed ink and paper to keep these memories alive. Please consider a small donation to keep this ability possible. To give to Sami’s Smile Station see the receptionist.