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A Campus with No Walls

“Customer Service is not a department, it should be the entire company”         

  – Tony Hsieh

One of the things I always talk about, when we have new staff join us for orientation is the fact that we are large enough to grow but small enough to know each resident….by name.  We take great pride in the fact we can get to know our residents, what they like, what they don’t like and what makes them happy.  It has been a talking point of mine for as long as I have been here.

There are days, just like in any job or position you may hold, that you start to question if you are making a difference.  If you are getting through to the people you work with, and work for.  The past few months, I have realized that the word is indeed heard.  Our staff does realize just how lucky we are to be on a Campus where we can make a difference with a simple name and a smile…their name.

Each retirement community like ours, is made up of many different parts of the “body” or campus that work together as a family.  We always tout the fact, it does not matter what department you are in, you can make a difference.  You don’t have to be in Nursing to affect a life.  You can make someone’s day with a smile, a push, a simple gesture.

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Lately I have noticed more and more this taking place.  And I will tell you, you have not felt a reward like the one you get when you see it actually take place.  The other day, our activities staff held a “Sock Hop” for the residents complete with poodle skirts, leather jackets and saddle shoes. In the middle of it, was Jody, a dietary aide who was dancing with Frank, hugging Chris and singing with Bill.

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I will always remember and cherish Frank’s smile as he danced away with Jody, giggling and smiling like he was 25 again.  Or the smile on Chris’s face as she told me how much she loved Jody and all she does for her.   Or watching Bill’s face light up as Jody sang out of tune, but it did not matter one bit.

Walk down the hall and see Ray, a floor technician who is kneeling with a resident and giving them so much more than just his time.  They all love Ray, for his smile and helping hand, but more importantly for his genuine care he shows each and every resident.  You can see it, as he walks down the hall and greets them all by name…and the joy it brings them to hear him say it.

The Campus takes great pride in the care we offer, and even more pride in the fact it stems from everyone in every department.  We can all make a difference and we are all rewarded by the residents we serve and care for…and love.  For we like to consider ours, a Campus with No Walls.

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