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Art Knows No Age

“Art is a reflection of poetry and beauty of the heart and mind without the use of any words.”

Ever sit back and think you are too old to learn something new?  Or wonder what it would be like to be able to create something beautiful like you never have before?  Well, the residents at The Residence of The Campus of the Jewish Home are finding out just what that is like!

Many of our loved ones have joined us never having picked up a paint brush in the past.  Or have not taken an art class in over 50+ years if they ever have in the past.  They are finding the freedom and joy of what it is like to create beautiful art and the pride to be able to show that work off!

Lisa, an art teacher and artist herself, joins us and the residents to guide them, teach them and maybe most importantly, spend time with them.  You see, she is much more than an art teacher to us, she is a friend who for some has become almost like family.

Four times a week, precisely at 11:00 a.m. they gather around the activity table and create.  They tell stories, laugh and share.  They pick a favorite picture or recall a memory and put it on paper.  They will create the rough draft in pencil and craft the outline.

Before they know it, it is time to finish with color and with the help of Lisa explaining shades and balance.  She will guide them and explain why a certain color should be added here or there.  She encourages them to expand and create their very own folk art.  The skills they develop, the pride they earn are evident as each week passes.  The joy they get is evident in their faces each time you visit.

The Jewish Home takes great pride in showing off these “masterworks” and chooses different works each month.  They are hung in the halls for all to see and all to love, for it is very true…art knows no age!

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