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America’s Game

The smell of the fresh cut grass. The sound a ball makes when it hits the catcher’s mitt. The crack of the bats in batting practice. Trying to get that foul ball or home run they just hit. The hot dog and nachos or pretzel that was about as big as the glove you had brought along with you.  Baseball is here, and America’s pastime usually stirs up some good old-fashioned memories we had as kids.

Going to the game with our Dad, pulling him along as we tried to say hi to our favorite player or get them to even look in our direction. Getting to the seats an hour early just to watch the players warm up. Or sitting in front of the radio or tv to watch the game and cheer our favorite team. Does not matter the specific memory, but pretty much all of us have a memory of baseball when we were young.

A lot of times, as we get older we lose sight of those “good times”. Work gets in the way, we forget how fun it was to watch a game, there just does not seem to be enough time. That is why I love when baseball season comes back each year.

I know soon, we will be taking a few residents out to a Harrisburg Senators game at FNB Field. Man, they love to go to the games; one resident told me the best part is the “hot dog and cold beer”. And I will have the pleasure of setting up another resident to watch the games with his son via the computer. (The Campus purchased the MLB Plan so they can watch their favorite, the Philadelphia Phillies whenever they want!) The son comes in just about every day and they so look forward to the day games.

So, now that the season is officially under way, who are you going to root for? I personally am rooting for good games and great memories.

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