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“A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take…”

The relationship with a Mother is like nothing else.  We tend to rely on a Mother more so than any other person as we grow; then we tend to push them away in our middle years, only to realize how much they mean to us as we grow older; and so do they.

We tend to look back and realize just how much our Mother’s gave up for us.  All the trips to and from practice; the sitting in the cold while we enjoyed our sport; the dinners they made last minute for us; the guidance they provided and care they showed.  A lot of us became who we are, because of our Mothers.

Maybe that is why it can be so daunting when it comes time to face reality; they will not stay young forever and may need some help as they age.  Trying to find the right place to take care of Mom is an undertaking no one wants to face.  The guilt of not being able to take care of her ourselves; trying to make sure she will be happy; finding that “perfect” place is not an easy task.

There are so many options when it comes to caring for your loved ones.  There is home care, Senior apartments, personal care and skilled nursing just to name a few.  What makes them stand apart, what makes them a better choice or option is simple…it is the staff.  The staff is what makes the difference.

Last year, the activities staff at The Campus of the Jewish Home threw a Mother’s Day Tea Party that is still being talked about and remembered.  Barb, an activities aide had a vision that she wanted to make come true; and was able to do so!  She hand-crafted a doll with an outfit for each and every resident on Campus and invited them to have tea.  There was cookies, refreshments, memories and laughter all throughout the day.  And even more touching was the looks of amazement as each resident was provided with a Mother’s Day doll… a special thank you to all our residents.

A day like that is not remembered by the amount of work it took.  It’s remembered by the number of smiles created and lives enriched.  The dressed-up dolls are a symbol of childhood never forgotten, a comforting hug when frightened, something beautiful to look at and believe in, or something to brighten the spirit every day.

One may even say, the dolls represented everything a Mother’s love stands for…and we are all enriched so much more from it.

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