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Volunteering is Ageless

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages.  They even come with four legs if you are lucky!  So many places rely on volunteers, count on them for support and to lend a hand where needed.  The Campus is no different.  Okay, we are slightly different; we ask not only for a hand, but their hearts!

And luckily, our volunteers are willing to offer both.  So much so, that a handful of our residents even volunteer here on Campus.  Some were volunteering at The Campus before they came to live with us.  Some just started volunteering after they moved in.  But all of them volunteer because of their hearts.

For example, we are lucky enough to have a resident who volunteers once a month in The Guild, our memory support unit.  She will spend time with them telling stories of her trips, about her old jobs and so much more.  She spent a lifetime volunteering in the community and sees no reason to stop…her heart simply cannot stop caring.

We have plenty of residents who live in The Residence and come down to The Jewish Home to volunteer a few times a week.  They will come down to offer help during BINGO, spend time at the front desk to serve as the concierge for visitors, speak to other residents about current events and so much more.  They too just want to make a difference and see the importance of being there for someone else.

We have a volunteer currently who has been with us since 2004…when she had a friend staying at The Jewish Home and she volunteered by feeding her at meal times.  15 years later, she still comes in every Wednesday and Friday to help with BINGO.  Or how about the daughter of a current resident who comes in each week to play piano for the residents.  Or the volunteer who joins us with her dog; to visit and bring smiles to the residents each week.  Not to mention the volunteers who make lap blankets; wheel chair bags; sensory blankets; serve by reading to the residents; help on ice cream truck days and so much more!

So, as you can see, age does not matter, and you don’t have to have a certain talent to volunteer.  If you have the heart, you can still “Make a Difference!”

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