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More than Therapy

We truly had believed for a long time that coming home might not be an option…they changed everything for my father and for our family….can honestly say, not just any therapists would have had this success with him“.

When I first came to the Campus one of the first things I fell in love with was the story I read from a letter to the Campus.  It was from a daughter who was thanking the staff for the care her father had received.

He evidently was at the Campus for a short-term rehab stay and she could not say enough about the staff and the therapy he had received.  The thing that caught my eye, stole my heart is how she described the staff who would not let him off the hook.  This man who entered the Campus having lost his fight and his will left the Campus “a new man”.

This gentleman who came into the Campus refusing to go to therapy would soon end lunch with his daughter early, so he would not be late for his sessions!  Spoke of how the staff knew just how to push him, just how to speak to him to get him excited.  Soon enough, this man who wanted to lay in bed, could not get enough of the therapy and his desire to continue to “keep in touch” with the staff was heartwarming.

In the months after reading that letter, I witnessed first-hand what she had referenced in her letter.  The therapy staff seemed to have the same impact on many a resident, ones that came in with a different attitude than left with.  Residents who were actually happy to attend their therapy sessions.

The one that stands out the most is the bouncy balloon session.  A resident (favorite of mine, one I had grown close with) was in the therapy room in a very unusual bad mood.  Something was off and they he refused to exercise that day.  That would soon change, as I watched the staff listen to him and hear what he had to say.  They listened to his concerns, explained to him what they planned and tried their best to get his smile back to no avail.

Sensing talk was not enough they soon grabbed the balloon on the rubber band and asked him to stand.  They explained he was going to punch his anger out on the balloon, get all his concerns out by hitting the balloon.  Soon enough, as his range of motion grew stronger, he was exercising without knowing it and that famous smile was slowly returning.

Sometimes you just have to think out of the box; sometimes you have to be able to offer “more than therapy”.  We are lucky to have the staff we do and blessed to see them work every day.

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