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In This Together

I promised myself I would write a blog in 2021 that did not include the “P” word so we will call it “the situation” for this one.  Just like we are “in this together”, we can do this together!  I know we can, and you have proven we can!

This year has been a challenge like none other, to say the least.  Not just for our staff and the care they strive to provide.  But in their personal lives; in your personal lives; in my personal life.  This has never been experienced before, in our lifetimes and as hard as it has been; as miserable it has been there have been some bright spots as well.  Just like everything in life, there is a shining star out there if you just look for it.

The Campus (and many other campuses like ours) started a TNA program, a temporary nurse aide program.  It opened the door for some people who wanted a career in caring that may never have had the opportunity before “the situation”.  It allows them to come in, be trained as a care giver, learn from the best and in due time, take the course to become a Certified Nurse Aide, a CNA!  I can think of five or six people off the top of my head right now, who have excelled in our program and will go on to become AMAZING CNAs and one that plans to move on to nursing school.  Shining star.

Because of “the situation” we have not been able to have group activities the way we like.  We have had to adjust, managed to find ways to entertain, play and learn together one-on-one instead of in small groups.  It allowed us to really get to know our loved ones, find out who they really are.  I got to learn all about a small German town I never even heard of.  Did not realize we had a minor league baseball player in our care!  Found out a resident was just one of 11 children growing up; and how they ended up supporting a lot of their siblings.  Learned a resident who I always felt close to, is allergic to chocolate!  I never knew, after all the time I had spent with her previously.  Staff feels closer to the ones they care for.  They know the little things they can use to their advantage to help them care for them.  Shining star.

Family and friends of The Campus have done so much to support the staff and we could not appreciate it more.  From day 1 the support has been felt, the pounds packed on(!).  There have been wonderful cards of hope, amazing notes on voice mails, donations both monetary as well as edible.  They all, in their own way have provided the staff an uplift, a smile or hug just when needed most.  Because of the generous donations, staff have been able to enjoy a food truck visit to the Campus; a pretzel day as a surprise; an ice cream truck treat and even a lunch provided by a local sub shop.  All because of the generosity of the family and friends of The Campus.

So, as you can see, we truly are “in this together”.  Without the amazing staff, we could not have provided the care we have without skipping a beat.  Without the support of the friends and family, staff would have had a tougher time moving forward, persevering through “the situation”.  Together we have made it through, found the shining stars and held each other’s hands…

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