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Where words fail, MUSIC speaks

“Music has healing power.  It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.”             

  – Elton John

I am fairly certain we have all experienced it.  We are in the middle of a bad day, nothing is going right and then “that song” comes on.  The one that lifts your spirits right away.  The one that has you singing (sometimes in the car and your kids do NOT approve!).  The one song you go to when you need a break, need to let loose and just feel free.

Music has the ability to help when words cannot.  Sometimes music is the soundtrack of our lives.  The sad songs as a teen when the love of your life is now the love of someone else’s life.  The perfect song for the sporting event that gets thousands of people on their feet and cheering for the same purpose.  That perfect song used for your wedding 20 years ago, and still brings a tear to your eye when you hear it.

Music can also be very therapeutic.  Sometimes it carries more power than any words can.  We use music as therapy all the time at The Campus and what a difference it can make.  We have purchased iPods for that specific reason.  Nothing beats the calm sounds of Duke Ellington or Neil Diamond when we need help!

Years ago, as the manager of an Italian restaurant, we used to play Frank Sinatra music through every single meal time to set the tone.  Lunch, dinner…did not matter, you could hear Frank singing “When the Moon hits your eyes…”

At The Campus, we have used Kenny Rogers for our Blackjack tournament with great success!  You all know it, you are singing it in your head right now…” you got to know when to hold ‘em; know when to fold ‘em”.  (You are welcome!)  We looped that video to play all night as the residents enjoyed playing Blackjack, laughing and carrying on through the night.

Our nurses know the power of music as well…and the power of caring.  When they have paperwork that cannot wait, but they still would like to provide care they have been known to grab an iPod with headphones and set up a resident close to them at the computer.  I saw a nurse do this the other day, so she could hold a resident’s hand and still complete her computer work.  They can still “be with” the resident who is calmed not only by the music but the caring touch at the same time.

Music has a power that few things in the world do.  Music is the doorway to happiness…so grab a radio and open that door.

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