Continuing Care Retirement Community Option

P7270057The Department of Insurance, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has awarded a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) license to the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, Inc.

The CCRC designation means that the facilities on the Jewish Home Campus include Independent Living, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing beds and related common areas. Currently, individuals electing independent living at the Residence pay a fixed monthly rental rate for their apartments. Those who need personal care pay for the personal services they require.

If potential residents choose the CCRC option, they pay a one-time entrance fee: 25% as an entrance fee deposit and 75% when they execute the Residency Agreement prior to admission. The entrance fee is amortized by the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, Inc. for 50 months at the rate of 2% per month.

The CCRC fee reduces the monthly rent at the Residence by about $10,800 per year; this reduced rate follows CCRC residents even if they later require personal care. If residents who elect the CCRC option remain in the Residence for fewer than 50 months, they will be entitled to a partial refund of their entrance fee — depending on the actual length of time they have occupied their apartments. Refunds will be computed according to the terms stipulated in the Residency Agreement.

Allen Geckle, CEO of the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, Inc., will be happy to discuss the many benefits of the CCRC Option with you. Contact Allen today by calling (717) 657-0700.

Or view/print the CCRC letter for more information.