Jewish Home staff have designed all programs and activities to foster the quality of life for our residents.

Our goals include attracting and engaging our residents’ interests, encouraging their participation and maintaining as much as possible their independence, emotional, cognitive and physical fitness.

Activities offer residents a fine opportunity for socialization. We want our residents to enjoy activities and we are attentive to their individual needs and preferences.  Of course, during the pandemic, social gathering is very important to The Jewish Home while we continue to keep our loved ones as active as possible.  We still hold BINGO, just in much smaller, spaced out groups.  Our Birthday party socials are now room to room with a cart and birthday wishes.

Facetime and Zoom have become our favorite technology but nothing beats our famous “window visits”!  And of course with the nice weather, we try and ensure we get as much time outside as possible.  The Jewish Home has plenty of natural shade in “Flossie’s Garden” and Betsy’s Cafe offers tables and umbrellas for enjoyment.

The Jewish Home circulates a monthly Activities Calendar that details all the planned events for that month. Please feel free to see the changes our wonderful staff have made to ensure even during a pandemic, your loved one will be kept quite social and active.