Wound Care

Bedsores, the common term for decubiti, or what now are more commonly called pressure ulcers, have met their match at the Jewish Home.

Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg Continues Excellence in Wound Care Program

Last year, The Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg was honored as a Wound Care Center of Excellence by VOHRA Wound Physicians, a national group of physicians who specialize in modern wound management to residents in long term care facilities.  The Jewish Home was the first and facility so honored of the more than 2500 facilities in 27 states served by VOHRA.

Wound management has emerged as a new specialty along with rising expectations for quality and outcomes expectations. In fact, wound management and outcomes have become a leading indicator of the quality of care in a skilled nursing facility.

Because of the Jewish Home Wound Care Team’s careful and rigorous assessment protocols, pressure ulcers rarely develop on residents living at The Home.   According to the most recently published statistics, residents at The Home develop half the number of pressure ulcers compared to residents in nursing homes across the country.  The Home does see incipient or developed pressure ulcers in residents coming from other facilities.